Friday, October 10, 2014

Be kind, someone always needs your kindness

Those people around me

My Grandma died last year, peacefully passed away in her sleep on Christmas Eve.
The year I have had has been a turbulent one, and a lonely one, encompassed in scattered triumphs.
I found myself, on Christmas day 2013, facing the can of worms I had put off opening, my entire life.
I found myself sitting in a house with the most broken, of broken families. Staring at twisted faces and bitter emotions, secret hatred and open pain.
I found myself losing myself, and coming face to face with the real me, all in an instant.  

All those people around me saw their paths fall away in front of them. And I found myself desperately clinging to sanity, hoping somehow I would be strong enough to walk my own path of education, turmoil, confusion and grief.

I learnt so much about relationships with people this year. I learnt that kindness sometimes just falls upon you sometimes without meaning or purpose. Laughter can be the most treasured event. And anger can be therapeutic when it enables you to push through a barrier of fear.

I learnt that sometimes you have to be the most compassionate person, and sometimes you have to be the least compassionate person. And sometimes you have to simply be kind to yourself and just 'be'.

I became a grown up when I wasn't ready to grow up.

I remember crying about nothing on Christmas Eve, completely unaware my life was about to take a rather big turn in a direction I wasn't ready to pursue. I cried about the fact I was ill, the fact that Christmas Eve wasn't perfect in the way I wanted it to be perfect.
Broken thoughts surrounded me in a busy coffee shop on a sunny winters day, and I remember telling my partner that I wanted to, every year, focus on bringing kindness to others because at least then, something positive was happening for someone.
And in my unjustified sorrow, we meandered across to a bargain shop and bought dog treats for a local dogs home, a simple pleasure that eased my petty pain on the day.

And since the day the came, the day it all fell down, the one after the day I cried about nearly nothing, and made the vow to bring kindness to others at Christmas. I learnt above all else that you must seek to bring kindness to those around you, every single day of the year. Because no matter what life brings you or throws at you or absolutely smothers you in, if we are all kind to each other, we all stand a better chance of getting through anything.

Those around me have been bitter, angry, beautifully strange, crumpled and broken, disgusting, confusing and occasionally, incredibly kind.

I say again, to all of you…

If we are all kind to each other, we all stand a better chance of getting through anything.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Crow and the Calling

I felt inclined to write this blog, if only to air out my intense frustration and upset at the world I am faced with.
Over the last year I have been writing freelance in order to express myself creatively and also have the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Within the next few weeks that plan will come into action as I have given up my house and job and will start my adventures in Cornwall in a campervan writing from my tiny netbook.
One of the reasons I am working this way is so that I can have creative expression but also free up time to make a difference within the animal rights world. I struggle to see cruelty face on but hiding from it won’t make any difference and I know deep within my heart that I want to make a bigger difference than I am now.
I hope to spend as much time as possible volunteering my services wherever I can, making some sort of a difference to animals and people alike wherever I am. It isn’t a choice for me as much as it is a necessity, I know deep within my heart than I need to take action and use my passion for change in the animal rights world.

My activism history is pretty mild with the best activity I took part in being a tiny protest outside my local KFC. I handed out PETA leaflets and got laughed at, a lot. The police also told my friend (who was dressed as a bloodied colonel sanders) to move on as he was scaring kids. Alas I was still proud of making the stand and I would do it again in a heartbeat if only to change the mind of one person.

There are two main occurrences that have altered my vegan development over recent years and they are; being on a bus to work and seeing a baby bird in the grass near a pavement, I assumed someone would help it and so did not get off the bus, on my way home I looked and saw it had frozen to death. This taught me to never assume that anyone else will have compassion. I find often people are too embarrassed to do anything as people seem to find it amusing and ‘silly’ when people reach out to an animal in need. Guffawing at silly people wasting their precious time over a lesser species…
I also read BEG by Rory Freedman and basically learnt that I need to embrace my veganism and stop feeling ashamed of my morals. She pretty much turned my life around with that book and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a kick up the arse with their veganism.

Having shown my support (as much as I was able) to the PETA over the years by retweeting their message and forwarding emails, I felt inclined to get a tattoo to remind me of my passion. I am not saying I need anything to remind me I am vegan, but I wanted a symbol that reminded me to always put my best vegan foot forward. So I decided on the PETA jumping bunny, but in rainbow colours from their equality for all support earlier this year.

I went into the tattoo studio and had the tattoo done, loved it instantly and felt empowered. The PETA inspire me every single day to fight for animal rights rather than sit back and complain about the state of the world. I love their intelligent, well thought out, straight forward campaigns and I will forever support the way they work.

The occurrence that inspired my post was the incident that occurred after I left the tattoo studio. I stood on the pavement waiting for my partner to collect me and discussed how gorgeous and curious a little black crow was that stood near us watching. My Mum said she would love a tattoo of the creature as she thinks they are stunning in their own right and loves the idea of an alternative bird tattoo to the traditional doves or eagles. We crossed the road to meet my partner and glanced at the road to see the crow had walked onto the road, a car stopped and papped at it three times with a crowd of idiots laughing at the bus stop at the situation. Without a thought the driver then proceeded to run the crow over. I screamed because I had no chance to go and intervene, it was one of those moments that moves in slow motion.

I ran through the traffic and approached the crow, it became apparent immediately that the crow had a pretty bad eye infection in both eyes which is why it had walked into the road. I threw my hoodie over it quickly, picked it up and got in my partners car. We then put him in a box with a heat pad to keep him calm and warm as he went into shock.

I then proceeded to call a friend (the only one I know with relations to a rescue centre) who pretty much told me there was nothing anyone could do, I said thanks and left the call. I then located a rescue centre that had an emergency line and called it, the lady on the phone asked us to travel 30 minutes to her and said they would take it in. We took (then named Colin) to the address given and the lady inspected him and said we had come to the right place as they had lots of crows and rooks and would begin treatment immediately. She also said they had a no kill policy so Colin would not suffer the same fate as many animals simply taken into vets after incidents like this.
I gave her a donation and said thank you for taking him in.

What made me angry?

The people at the bus stop; It makes me so angry that the people at the bus stop would simply laugh at the situation rather than act, disgusts me in fact.

The guy who ran the crow over; I have seen accidents before but never intentional cruelty, I am still having flashbacks of the incident now. Should his car have stopped at the lights after it happened I can’t say I wouldn’t have done something to the guy that would get me in a lot of trouble.

My friend; As ‘real’ as she was trying to be, why don’t people fight a bit more like they would for people? If that was a person there would be people fighting for that person to get treatment, but because it is a ‘lowly’ animal nobody gives a toss. Despite the fact that it was a person who caused that damage to it. If I hadn’t of picked it up, it would have more than likely gotten ran over by someone else or died in the gutter and if I had of taken her advice, I would have just let it go, to die.

With the fact I got my animal rights tattoo and then got immediately called into action, I feel like it was my calling. I like to believe it was a twist of fate showing me that it pays off to always give a shit.
I will never EVER understand deliberate cruelty and I will always do my best to help wherever I can should an animal be in need whether that be a worm drying up on the pavement, a snail on a footpath or a crow on a road.

If everyone made the same amount of effort to help people or animals, we would all be better off.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Five sexy ways to incorporate chickpeas into your diet! BOOM Chickywowow!

Before we get started on the BIG FIVE, lets just discuss chickpeas shall we?
I decided to write this article because I have recently tried to eat a healthier diet and this essentially revolves around a lot less bread and a lot more clean living. Chickpeas have my heart because they fill me right up and they are so god damn sexy they can be made into a plethora of gastronomic delights! Rich in fibre, protein and iron they really are a vegans best friend!

So down to the dirty business, how can they become part of your diet?

1. Who moose? Hummus you moose!

OH MY hummus is the cream of the gods! Full of delicious, tangy tongue dancing garlic and tahini, this delicious dip can make boring food dance all over your mouth! Basic ingredients are Chickpeas (of course!), lemon juice, garlic, cumin, tahini (or good quality peanut butter) and olive oil. Don’t feel restricted though, you can add all sorts to make your hummus sing even higher if you fancy a change! Blend a batch and just TRY and stop yourself getting all crumby with oatcakes and your freshly made dip to hand!

2. Crush the little guys!

Don’t feel bad, vegans feel bad about enough without feeling bad about eating these lick-able legumes! Chuck some garlic, olive oil salt and pepper on top of a few chickpeas and crush them with the end of a rolling pin or a fork. A quick spreadable treat if you want some extra protein in your sarnie!

3. Add them to like, everything!

I have actually been asked by a friend before what to do with chickpeas. My answer was of course - everything! I quite literally chuck my little bald mates into everything and anything I can. Salads, soups and stews, everything can find a home for a chickpea. They don’t suck up flavour as such but they do create extra texture and a give little something more for your sauce or dressing to caress on the plate.

4. Roast them!

Yes that’s right, they do love a good roasting (told you they were sexy!). There are tons of chickpea roasting recipes out there to give these softies that extra crunch! Try them roasted with Mexican spices or even sweet roasted if you fancy something different! For gods sake follow the cooking times though, they are sexy but they are not worth losing a tooth over!

5. Bump and Grind!

OK so you've rejected all my plans to force you to consume this wonderful legume as it is, but I have an evil plan, to grind them! Chickpea flour is awesome and you can make flat breads from it! Oh no, flat breads…. but you need to dip flat breads in something….and so my evil plan is unveiled! Combine number 1. and flat breads made with 5. for a double chickpea whammy! BOOM! Chickpea explosion going on all up in yo mouth!

So there you have it, five simple ways to bring chickpeas into your diet. Go on, give a chickpea a home and enjoy this new legume based form of sexual experimentation, your taste buds will thank you for it!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Seven amazing VEGAN crowd-funded projects you should support!

Hooves vegan desert shoes

What? - Vegan footwear brand

Why support them? - I think the pitch is well presented and the shoes look fab because they look great, hard wearing and very trendy. The more good looking vegan shoes the better!

Twitter -  @HoovesLtd

The Lone Vegan speaks to 200 Cattle Ranchers

What? - Vegan needing help to make important presentation!

Why support them? - We should all be helping each other. This extremely brave lady will be standing in front of a full crowd of cowboys to talk about the effects of farming on the environment. Not only that, she is singing to! She’s braver than anyone I know.

Twitter - @CarynHartglass


What? - Vegan super protein powder

Why support them? - Kudos to the video alone. Super cheesy, super fun and super cool :) it only took the rubbish flame effect to make me giggle! The more vegan protein products the better, I also think that the facts listed in the pitch really back it up. It is not going to be limited to just a vegan product I think - people are starting to realise that plant based is better for performance all round.

Twitter - @eatproatmeal

Made in Hackney Local Food Kitchen

What? - Eco kitchen in Hackney that teach health and environmental benefits of healthy plant based foods “You can’t have healthy people without having a healthy planet”

Why support them? - If you watch the video you will be sold. These super people seem to be helping everyone! Incredible educational tool, can’t big these guys up enough!

Twitter - @Made_In_Hackney

Sochi Strays

What? - Woman on a mission to help stop the street dogs in Russia being exterminated

Why support them? - I first heard about this problem a few weeks ago when walking some shelter dogs at the local rescue home. They had taken in a few of these Sochi Dogs after being contacted by a rescue group in Russia. Basically the dogs used to be accepted and looked after, now they are being exterminated because of one unfortunate incident. Read up on it, it’s pretty heartbreaking and another example of animals suffering in the masses because of people saving face. We need to support those over there trying to save these poor pups.

Twitter - Couldn't find one

Buy a Book Save a Cat

What? - Raising money for homeless cats

Why support them? - Cute little idea, couldn't resist as I love cats so much!

Twitter - Couldn't find one

Breaking the brand of Rhino horn use in Vietnam

What? - Advertising campaign to target those who actually buy rhino horn

Why support them? - Because it is a brave attempt to educate those who use this product. The plan is well thought out and I think it’s intelligent enough to make an impact. These guys have done their research!

Twitter - Couldn't find one

What happens to the one’s you love if something happens to you?

What? - Sanctuary for animals who have no where to go when their owners die

Why support them? - This is close to my heart as my grandma died at christmas and the next day I ended up with her cat in my house. She had written everything out in her will apart from where to send her beloved Barney. It caused us all a lot of upset because - where do you put someones best friend? None of us had appropriate homes/ situations for him. It ended well but, people need to think about this while they are still alive. If you had a young child you would know where they would end up, think the same about your little fur babies.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I can't contemplate


My Grandma died on Christmas Eve just gone. I wasn't particularly close with her but I still had massive memories of her big personality. Even if it was a lot of 'how did you get so fat' occurring when I went to see her. She still left a huge imprint on my life.
The problem I have is, the fact that I seem to be immune to that thing everyone says 'happens' when life changing stuff goes on. When people say 'oh such and such happens' and then they become a stronger/better/thinner/fitter person.

Someone asked me the other day why I became vegan and I said it was because I read a leaflet about bullfighting when I was 11 and kept waking up in sweats with a palpitating heart absolutely beside myself at the fact people could treat those animals that way. Their huge blood covered eyes where stuck in my mind. I was overwhelmed with sadness. And so I became vegetarian until I was 17 when I researched the meat industries, saw the connection and became vegan.

Apparently even when I was knee high to a grasshopper I was super sensitive. I used to walk around the flea market with my Mum, ask for something, see the sadness in her eye as she said no and then I would feel an awful pain in my heart. And I said to her, that I felt bad because I knew she had no money and I shouldn't ask for things.

It is almost like I was born with my soul exposed. Like my very being came out and stayed out when I was born. I'm not saying I can't be selfish. I still struggle to share with my boyfriend because I was always sharing with my two sisters growing up. (I still struggle to hand over half of my chocolate). (Actually if I am honest I probably don't share it. It's chocolate, and it's mine).

So anyway, before Grandma died, I still struggled with the idea of death anyway. Feared people no longer being around and simply couldn't connect with the fact it happens. I know people that say 'we all die eventually' and 'when it's my time, it's my time'. What the fuck is wired so differently in their heads to mine?! I know they don't want to die but, where does that acceptance come from.

So when Grandma died I was thrust into this place of 'getting on with it'. And when I tell people I am struggling to accept it, they nod and say grief does that to you. But the thing is I have it with everything. I cannot physically contemplate the fact that people treat animals like shit. People always say I need to be brave and watch horrible animal suffering videos etc etc but I don't. I will pass them on and I know they need to be made but, they stay with me forever if I watch them.

Again I can hear myself and know everyone says well yes that's the point etc etc. But, when does that thing happen where I become a stronger person? A lot of bad stuff has happened to me but no coming out of the other side is occurring. Not to say I am wallowing in darkness, I simply become more and more like a trembling toy dog every day. Not a good look.

I don't accept that people die. I can't accept that people treat animals in such a horrific way. I cannot contemplate the fact that a chicken in a supermarket was A. Alive not long a go and people are munching on it and B. It had a horrible life.

In no way can I connect with people who abuse animals. I literally do not know what is in their brains that is so different to mine. There must be an awful lot missing.

Therefore, do I want that bit of me that makes me 'accept' these things? Do those abusers have an extra bit that makes them accept it?

I remain unsure of my soul, my heart and my brain.

But in the meantime I shout as loud as I can and hope I can grow.

Grandma did teach me to love nature, stroke spiders and bee's. And she adored cats. She hated me being fat. And I can't accept that she's gone.

And I can't accept that people abuse animals.
And I can't accept that people die.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stoptober- If you're loaded.

I have wanted to quit smoking for a while.
Its a dirty industry.
My body
my skin
my future
all affected by the little ugly stick. As well as this, smoking and animal testing are best friends. I'm a Vegan so that's so not cool.
I remember when I first started six years ago. My friends were like "lets just do it". We could still smoke inside back then. There was something so cool about a cigarette and a snakebite in rock city. When we ran out we'd pay 50p to the Nigerian lady in the toilets for a cigarette to share between us. I am making myself sound SO old now! You see none of us had been that cool at school, looking back I can see this was our version of taking control over 'fitting in'.
The thing is I have a much more addictive personality than my friends.
One friend smokes about 20 a day now but until she moved out was able to only smoke outside of her parents house. One friend has a fag and a can of coke when she's stressed about once a month. Another friend is able (I am not suggesting this is a skill!) to smoke socially.
I have looked into quitting smoking a few times but have never really taken the plunge.
I am ashamed to admit that the main scare for quitting has been superficial. Before I started smoking I watched a friends mum die slowly of lung cancer. I remember her being helped along into the living room a few days before she died, a grey skeleton in a nightie.
And as weird as it might sound I have tried to think about this in the past, tried to scare myself with the images I have seen, hoping it will stop me smoking.
 I have served people at work before with the little neck holes.
 I have spoken to people on the phone who sound like a longstanding Eastenders cast member because of smoking. I have often sat staring at the statistics relating to smoking.
 If I smoke my whole life I have a 50% chance of dying from a smoking related illness. 
Guess what none of these things have slapped me in the face long enough to make me want to quit. I enjoy smoking, I would even go as far as to say I love smoking. Especially sat on the beach with a lovely cold drink watching the waves. Lovely times.
The science behind it suggests I don't love smoking at all. It is the reward section of my brain
blah blah bleugh bleeeeeghhhh.
And all that on paper bullshit. 
I have been in denial a bit, I admit that! I was like yeaaaah i'll just stop before i'm 30. I'm 27 now and I have reached that quarter life crisis section were you realize all those people telling you to 'enjoy it' because it 'goes so fast' were right. And it never occurred to me that after 30 is 40 then 50. This sounds strange but if you are my age you may understand what I mean. I suppose you could say its the realization of how short life is. This is cheesy but, its true. That sentence- also cheesy.
So what prompted me to attempt quitting?
I am starting to look old. 
You know how I noticed? By sitting around with my friends and having my picture taken with them and realizing the fags have been slowly destroying my face without my consent. This is the denial bit. I can push everything else to the back of my mind because I can't see it. But I can see my face. In the mirror, in every photo, in the disappointed look on my boyfriends face when I take my make-up off at night, or when he sees my pillow like face in the morning. It is right there. And the most frightening crinkles? Those little lines around my mouth. When I purse it up in the mirror, pucker it up like a bum, I have those lines.
I have to stop smoking before my mouth permanently looks like a bum.
I wanted to write this because I am angry. I am so disappointed and angry at the stop smoking support available. I am SICK of seeing the signs and adverts telling me there is 'so much support out there' for people who want to quit smoking.
I went to see my GP and asked about some tablets I had heard were very helpful for those quitting smoking- "Well, there are leaflets in reception about quitting and if you want those tablets you'll need to go and read about them yourself"
I went to see another doctor and asked about quitting smoking-
"Well, we don't really help you with that the pharmacy has a program to help you where you will start off with patches and so on then work up to the tablets"


OK then so how about this Stoptober malarky. Apparently thousands of people like me are stopping smoking this October with support
blah blah.
I go on the website and it tells me I am heavily addicted.
Good to know.
I then ask where my local support group is.
And that's with good traffic.
OK lets order this helpful pack then.
Let me tell you what this patronizing little pack gave me.
Let me tell you how INSPIRING this little twatty 'support pack' was.
I got-
A little crappy cardboard circle with gaps telling me what my body is doing while I quit.
 Does this circle have any nicotine I can lick while I crawl up the walls with a craving???
How about a little flick through calender giving me...wait for it..... kids doodle games if I have a craving.
 I am NOT joking.
 It says "in a craving emergency, try the word search on the reverse"
Was this pack ONLY made for all those 5 year old smokers out there???????????????????
And the last patronizing little nugget- a fridge magnet where I write why I have quit.
 I can tell you one thing for sure.
I can tell you a none smoker designed this piece of shit!!
The cover has lettuce tree's on it for fucks sake!
So why is it all so shit. 
Well I will tell you why.
All the industries are related. No one really wants us to quit smoking do they? Otherwise wouldn't we be able to get nicotine replacement therapy on the NHS for free? I mean if it causes such a high percentage of illness and death in the population which in turn costs the NHS billions of pounds, why would there not be more help out there? It's because everything is related.
 E Cigarettes are usually made by a division of a larger cigarette manufacturer. Nicotine does not get rid of the addiction. Nicotine replacements are expensive. Many people say short term it might cost you more but long term you save. Now my smoking costs around 7 pounds a week. I buy a big pouch of shag tobacco, some filter tips and some rizler. I smoke teenie tiny prison rollies. Are you telling me £40 quids worth of equipment for a few days is worth it? When it may not even work? Its a load of crap.
 And its not fair either. I am sorry to bring this up, but how is it fair people on benefits get free help? Statistically those on the lowest incomes are the most likely to smoke. But they are also the least likely to quit.
I am just so furious that people frown at me for smoking, they see all the adverts and signs and think wow there is so much help why wouldn't you quit. 
Because no one wants to fucking help.
They want you to spend 6 million pounds on nicotine replacements that aren't even curing the addiction.
So by all means quit smoking, if you have a nearby support group embrace it (although it'll probably be like an Ann Summers party with nicotine replacements).
I am going to try abstinence.
 Russel Brand states that abstinence is the only real way to quit drugs.
 If studies show quitting nicotine can be harder than quitting heroin, abstinence should work to with fags to.
If you do manage to quit I applaud you, because people don't realize what we're up against.
If all else fails win the lottery. Then you can buy shares in the cigarette company and smoke the cigarettes they probably make for the rich and famous that don't do you any harm at all.


(please note at the time of writing this article the writer may have been under the influence of extreme nicotine withdrawals and angry fagless rage)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep it simple, keep it safe

Keep it simple, keep it safe

I get tired of people dissing veg. I get tired of being called a salad muncher/rabbit/veggie shagger.

You know why i get tired of it? Because YOU the disser have a problem with it, not me.
 Now i LOVE vegetables i <3 them with a passion.
 If i have a bit of a beige day through no fault of my own (chips, bread, bread, chips, crisps, chips, bread) i usually just crave the hell out of some colour in my food almost immediately. I embrace vegetables and plants. And i HATE the people that slag them off because they are so bloody ignorant to the fact that without them, they wouldn't have most of the frickin food they eat!!
 HELLO?? That big slab of Dairy Milk your greasy old mouth is round, do you think cocoa beans are invented by people? And the milk in the Dairy Milk, what do you think the cows eat exactly to grow to produce that milk (that milk which is not yours to harvest FYI). And you know that sugary bun you have your burger in? Flour was involved ya know! Flour doesn't come from the air, its ground down grains which yes came from PLANTS!!! (i am aware said buns are probably definitely made from plasticine)
Its similar to food snobbery, sheepy socially constructed snobbery actually. I made a dandelion fritter once and the scoffs from people i knew where loud guys. LOUD. Euuughhhh you ate a dandelion, they are weeds. You know what? If they appeared in a new niche section in bloody Tesco you'd be the first to be serving them at your next retarded dinner party 'al dente' with roux. Its a fucking joke. None of know why the hell we are here, none of know what the plan is so we just fuddle along and do our best. But for some reason people decide that this over inflated ego stuck to the front of them like an angry third nipple is the way to go.

Why exactly do you think YOU know best??
 When you ask me "what the hell do you eat then?" do you not remember that there's other shit on your plate apart from that steamed dead body with some shitty sauce on it? You know the green bits? Or even those beige crispy things, they once grew you know?
This is really bad but, i even get annoyed when i cook for people a full vegan meal and they go "i didnt even miss the meat". I just want to slap them round the face with a limp celery stick and say DUHHHHHHH.
Obviously my little vegan ego is delighted at the praise, but its so so dumb to be so small minded.
Some of the best vegan meals i have had are super super basic.


Home grown garden salad- Chop and eat
Little Gem
(lemon juice likes to be squozed on top!)


Grilled Vegetables with Chickpeas- chop, mix, grill and eat
(lemon juice also enjoys being squozed on top)


Papaya with Lime juice- slice in half and cover in lime juice and eat

Its pretty simple really. People freak out if other crap is not involved as well "so what DO you cook your roast potatoes in?" "If they aren't cooking with the meat do they go in a tray on their own?"


I just think that people so readily follow what they are told to do and how to do it and where to buy it that they have the tiniest minds. That makes me so so sad.
It doesn't help when rich middle aged's travel abroad and come back 'enlightened' at 'going back to basic's' throwing out ethnic faux paux's like god know's what. "We even ate rice with our hand's, we learnt so much from them, they are amazing people". Hammering up the several 'ethnic souveneirs' they managed to stuff into there mulberry luggage around there 3874893 bedroom house. Giggling at how 'the local's' had never seen a chocolate bar before, despite working for 1p a day to harvest the cocoa.

People are funny aren't they in a gurny kind of way. They only see success in something if everyone else does. I noticed a recent diet fad that Victoria Beckham was on was actually just a Raw Vegan diet. But they had renamed it the phase 3 cave woman diet or some shit (completely fabricated fyi i cant remember the name!). You know why, because if anyone saw the word Vegan anywhere they wouldn't even bother. Vegan = smelly dirty footed VW owning lettuce licker. Not slim, sexy fashionable person of interest.

I suppose in my rant what i am trying to say is, i am not braggy about my morals, not at all, but i am so so happy that my mind is open enough to realise that something doesn't need to come wrapped in 3 months supply of cling film and in a 'tray' to be edible. Nor do i need to pay 65 pounds for a banana from an organic stall just to let people know i 'eat organic'. IE i am fashionable. I don't need any badge on to pop me in a box and direct how i need to live my life or what i need to think. I am just open and challenge my own generalizing. I appreciate i have generalized a LOT of people in this article but, i would also happily challenge that too!

Have a good day, eat simple :D